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The Kingdom of God (Romans 14:17), Part 1 of 5 / C: Futility of the knowledge of good and evil
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THE KINGDOM OF GOD (Romans 14:17), Part 1 of 5

Subpart A: Futility of the knowledge of good and evil

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Romans 14:17
for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Genesis 2:9
Out of the ground the Lord God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
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Today is more important than anything else on this earth.  Eternity means there is no beginning and no end.  When you look out at the universe, there is no end, so you can get some sense of eternity.  You can get a sense of eternity looking at large things, but also in small things.  This morning I saw a spider and I didn’t want to kill it.  Even that is a life that God created.  So I spread out a newspaper for the spider to climb onto, covered it with a trash can, and took it outside and let it go.  And that just made me happy.  So even looking at something small, you can see the mystery of God’s universe.  I’m not sure if it’s as I’m getting older, or as I’m getting to know God more, but I become very sensitive to the feeling you get from a balmy day, fresh air or a blade of grass.  Don’t worry about when God is going to end this world; God’s concern is transforming me from the person I used to be, to a person inside of whom the kingdom of God exists.  We’ve been waiting for the end of this world since two thousand years ago, but don’t worry or expect too much.  God takes the past and the future all together and brings it into the present.  The most important thing is this: right now, is the fruit of agape love, which grows where Christ is living, manifesting in me?  That is the pivotal point for us.  God frequently uses weakness in us, because if He did not, we would credit our own strength.  God uses weak people because then others can witness the transformation He produces, and will follow Him.  Even now my character is pretty great, but imagine if my character were even more amazing?  One would credit my character – having good parents and good DNA – for anything good I did.  But when a person is rotten right down to his pinky finger, and yet something good comes from him – that is God living in him, agape shining through.  That’s why God uses detestable people.  People with no integrity, people who betray, but later become valiant.  Peter transformed in the same way, became completely different.  When it was Peter’s own nature, he spat three times, but then Peter changed completely because Christ lived in him.

So now why are we talking about good and evil?  Knowing what is good and what is evil is not a bad thing.  When we pray, we ask God, is this the right way?  We do need to know what is good and what is evil, to know God’s character.  But what matters is not what we call a good or bad thing, but how we use something.  Because even if something is supposedly good, if we use it improperly, it becomes bad.  If you take a whole bottle of digestive medicine, you will immediately have indigestion.  So just taking a lot of something that is supposed to help me digest won’t work.  It’s about usage and timing.  Or let me ask you whether this is true: Am I adorable?  To those who see me as adorable I am, but there are others who don’t see me that way.  Some might think I’m tough.  People can see me in many different ways.  These are subjective determinations.  But God lets us know the absolute truth: this is good or this is evil.  Where does that division occur?  That is when God’s nature becomes known.  Things that are not of God’s nature are evil and things that are of God’s nature are holy.

He is not teaching us what is good or evil so that we can live a righteous life.  His intent is not that we look and then by example start living righteous lives.  Because even if we know that something is good and that this is the most righteous way to live, there is no way that we can do that ourselves.  There is only One who is good.  He wants us to realize that before God comes into us, before Christ becomes our life, we can’t live righteous lives.  That is the point.  The day you eat this fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you will die.  Fine, we understand, but we eat it anyway.  As Paul says, I do not live the righteous life I want to live, but live the evil life that I do not want.  God’s objective is not for us to distinguish good and evil.  The true aim of our existences is that life comes into me and that I live by that fundamental life.  When the fruit of the tree of life grows in me and leads me, that is a truly good person.  “Good” and “evil” are there to show me that I cannot actually live the righteous way.  What ultimately happens to us in the face of good and evil?  There is only death.  In law there is only death.  Just because I know what is good, will be able to be good?  The law tells us how to live to please God.  But it is when I completely give up on living this righteous life through my own effort that He who is inside me becomes life.  When I die, from that point the Holy Spirit becomes the law of life.  Before that I tried to keep that law myself, but now I live by life.

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